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Edward L. Deci (1184)

Developmental, humanistic, industrial and organizational, personality and social, psychotherapy
1942, Clifton Springs, New York, USA
Short Biography
Edward L. Deci (/ˈdiːsi/; born in 1942) is a Professor of Psychology and Gowen Professor in the Social Sciences at the University of Rochester, and director of its human motivation program. He is well known in psychology for his theories of intrinsic and ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • AB Hamilton College, New York, 1964
  • MBA University of Pennsylvania, 1967
  • MS Carnegie-Mellon University, 1968
  • PhD Carnegie-Mellon University, 1970
Appointments & Honors
  • Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Rochester, APA Fellow
  • Editor, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Editor, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
  • Editor, Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Editor, Journal of Educational Psychology
Principal Publications
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