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George Combe (1040)

Phrenology, 'science of man'
1788, Edinburgh, Scotland Died: 1858
Short Biography
George Combe (21 October 1788 – 14 August 1858) was the leader of – and the spokesman for – the phrenological movement for more than twenty years. He founded the Edinburgh Phrenological Society in 1820 and was the author of the highly influential The ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • No academic posts or qualifications, although attended lectures at the University of Edinburgh for two years.
Appointments & Honors
  • Founder, Phrenological Society, 1820
  • Founder, Phrenological Journal, 1823
Principal Publications
  • 1819 Essays on Phrenology: Or an Inquiry into the Principles and Utility of the System of Drs. Gall and Spur2heim, and into the Objections made against it. Mclachlan, Stewart and Anderson. (Subsequent editions were retitled A System of Phrenology: Or an Inquiry .... 5th edn, 2 vols, 1843).
  • 1824 Elements of Phrenology. Anderson. (4th edn, 1836.)
  • 1827 Essay on the Constitution of Man and its Relations to External Objects. Neill. 'Corrected and enlarged', 1835; 9th edn, 1860; generally reprinted as The Constitution of Man).
  • 1833 Lectures on Popular Education. John Anderson Jr.
  • 1840 Moral Philosophy: Or, the Duties of Man Considered in his Individual, Social, and Domestic Capacities. Mclachlan and Stewart.
  • 1846 Phrenology - its Nature and Uses: An Address to the Students of Anderson's University. Maclachlan and Stewart.
  • 1855 Phrenology applied to Painting and Sculpture. Simpkin and Marshall. (See also: Andrew Combe (1830). Observations on Mental Derangement. J. Anderson Jr.)