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Eugen Bleuler (1221)

Clinical pathology and psychotherapy
1857, Zollikon, Switzerland
1939, Zollikon, Switzerland
Short Biography
Paul Eugen Bleuler (German: [ˈɔʏɡeːn ˈblɔʏlɐ]; April 30, 1857 – July 15, 1939) was a Swiss psychiatrist and eugenicist most notable for his contributions to the understanding of mental illness and for coining the terms "schizophrenia", "schizoid", ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • MD University of Zurich
Appointments & Honors
  • Psychiatric Hospital Rheinau, Zurich, Doctor 1986
  • Professor of Psychiatry, University of Zurich
  • Director, Burgholzli Psychiatric Clinic and the University Hospital, 1898-1927
Principal Publications
  • 1906 Affektivitat, Suggestibilitat, Paranoia (Affectivity, Suggestibility, Paranoia). Marhold (State Hospitals Press 1912).
  • 1908 Die schi::opizrenen Geistesstorungen im Lichte langjahriger Krankenund Familegeschichten (Schizophrenic Disorders in the Light of Long-term Case and Family Histories). Thieme (trans., 1972).
  • 1911 Dementia praecox; oder, Gruppe der Schizophrenien (Dementia Praecox: Or, The Group of Schizophrenias). F. Deutiche (1960, International Universities Press).
  • 1916 Lehrbuch der psychiatrie. (Textbook of psychiatry). J. Springer (1924, Macmillan). Bleuler published more than one hundred and fifty psychiatric papers and books.