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Alfred Adler (1468)

Educational psychology, health and medical psychology, personality and social psychology, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, teaching psychology
1870, Vienna, Austria
1937, Aberdeen, Scotland
Short Biography
Alfred W. Adler (/ˈædlər/; German: [ˈaːdlɐ]; February 7, 1870 – May 28, 1937) was an Austrian medical doctor, psychotherapist, and founder of the school of individual psychology. His emphasis on the importance of feelings of inferiority—the inferiority ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • MD University of Vienna 1895
Appointments & Honors
  • Professor in Medical Psychology, Lohg Island College of Medicine
  • Founder and President, Vienna Psychoanalytical Association
  • Founder of the Society of Free Analytic Research (later the School of Individual Psychology)
  • Coeditor, Zentralblatt fur Psychologie
  • Founding Editor, Internationale Zeitschrift fur lndividual- Psychologie, 1914
  • Founding Editor, Journal of Individual Psychology, 1936
Principal Publications
  • 1898 Health Bookfor the Tailor Trade.
  • 1907 Study of Organ Inferiority and its Psychological Compensation: A Contribution to Clinical Medicine (Studie iiber Minderwertigkeit von Organen). Nervous and Mental Diseases Publishing.
  • 1912 The Neurotic Constitution (Uber den nervosen Charakter). Mead (~ith B. Bergman and W. Dodd).
  • 1913 Traum und Traumdeutung (Dreams and dream interpretation). Zentralblattfiir Psychologie, 3, 574-83.
  • 1914 Heilen und Bilden. Reinhardt.
  • 1917 The problem of homosexuality. Zeitschriftfiir Individuale-Psychologie.
  • 1920 Praxis und Theorie der Individual- Psychologie: Vortriige zur Einfiihrung in die Psychotherapie fiir A'rzte, Psychologen und Lehrer. Bergmann.
  • 1927 The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology. (Praxis und Theorie der Individual- Psychologie). Harcourt Brace.
  • 1927 Understanding Human Nature. Leipzig.
  • 1929 Problems of Neurosis: A Book of Case Histories. Kegan Paul.
  • 1929 Science of Living. Greenberg.
  • 1930 The Education of Children. Greenberg.
  • 1931 What Life Should be to You. Little and Brown.
  • 1933 The Other Side. Vienna.
  • 1933 Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind. Faber and Faber.
  • 1956 Presentation in Selections from his Writings. Basic Books (with H. L. and R. R. Ansbacher).