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Heinz Werner (1183)

Developmental psychology, experimental psychology, psychology and the arts, philosophical and theoretical psychology, physiological and comparative psychology
1890, Vienna, Austria
1964, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Short Biography
Heinz Werner (February 11, 1890 - May 14, 1964) was a developmental psychologist who also studied perception, aesthetics, and language. | More at Wikipedia
  • PhD University of Vienna, 1914
Appointments & Honors
  • Trebitsch Prize, 1913
  • Clark University, G. Stanley Hall Professor of Genetic Psychology, 1948-60 Chair, Department of Psychology, 1948-60, Chair, Board of Directors, Institute of Human Development, 1960
  • AAA&S, 1956
  • reinstated Ordenlicher Professor Emeritus, University of Heidelberg, 1957
  • Co-Editor, Zeitschrift fur Psychologie, A History of Psychology in Autobiography
Principal Publications
  • 1919 Die Ursprunge der Metapher. Barth.
  • 1926 Einfuhrung in die Entwicklungspsychologie. Barth.
  • 1932 Grundfragen der Sprachphysiognomik. Barth.
  • 1937 Process and achievement. Harvard Educational Review, 7, 353-68.
  • 1942 Disorders of conceptual thinking in the brain- injured child. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disorders, 96, 153-72 (with A. Strauss).
  • 1945 Motion and motion perception: A study on vicarious functioning. Journal of Psychology, 19, 317-27.
  • 1952 Toward a general theory of perception. Psychological Review, 59, 324-38 (with S. Wapner).
  • 1952 The Acquisition of Word Meanings: A Developmental Study. Child Development Publications (with E. Kaplan).
  • 1956 Microgenesis and aphasia. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 52, 347-53.
  • 1956 The developmental approach to cognition: Its relevance to the psychological interpretation of anthropological and ethnolinguistic data. American Anthropologist, 58, 866-80 (with B. Kaplan).
  • 1957 The concept of development from a comparative and organismic point of view. In D. B. Harris (ed.), The Concept of Development: An Issue in the Study of Human Behavior. University of Minnesota Press.
  • 1963 Symbol Formation: An Organismic- Developmental Approach to Language and the Expression a/Thought. Wiley (with B. Kaplan).
  • 1967 An experimental approach to body perception from the organismic-developmental point of view. In S. Wapner and H. Werner (eds), The Body Percept. Random House.