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Henri Tajfel (1159)

Personality and social, philosophical and theoretical, psychological study of social issues
1919, Poland
1982, Bristol
Short Biography
Henri Tajfel (formerly Hersz Mordche) (22 June 1919 Włocławek, Poland – 3 May 1982 in Oxford, United Kingdom) was a British social psychologist, best known for his pioneering work on the cognitive aspects of prejudice and social identity theory, as well ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BA Birkbeck College, London University, 1954
  • PhD Birkbeck College, London University
Appointments & Honors
  • Professor of Social Psychology University of Bristol
  • Supernumerary Fellow, Linacre College, Oxford
  • Fellow, Centre for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences
  • President, European Association of Experimental Social Psychology, 1969-72
  • Professor Extraordinarius, University of Leiden
  • Co-Editor, European Journal of Social Psychology
  • Editor, European Social Psychology Monographs
  • Editorial Board, European Studies in Social Psychology
Principal Publications
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