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John A. Swets (1106)

Educational, engineering, experimental, evaluation and measurement
1928, Grand Rapids, USA
Short Biography
John A. Swets (born 1928) is a psychologist. He has played a key role in adaptation of signal detection theory to first the psychology of perception and later as a central tool in medical diagnostics. | More at Wikipedia
  • BA University of Michigan, 1950
  • MA University of Michigan, 1953
  • PhD University of Michigan, 1954
Appointments & Honors
  • Chief Scientist, Information Sciences, BBN Laboratories
  • AAAS, Fellow, 1965, Council, 1985-8
  • Acoustical Society of America, Fellow, 1959, Executive Council, 1967-70
  • APA, Fellow, 1967
  • Regents Professor, University of California, 1969
  • Howard Crosby Medal, Society of Experimental Psychologists, 1985
  • Member, National Academy of Sciences, 1990
  • APA Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions, 1990
  • Editorial Board, Medical Decision Making, 1980-5
Principal Publications
  • 1954 A decision-making theory of visual detection. Psychological Review, 61, 401-9 (with W. P. Tanner Jr).
  • 1961 Is there a sensory threshold? Science, 134, 168-77.
  • 1961 Decision processes in perception. Psychological Review, 68, 301-40 (with W. P. Tanner Jr and T. G. Birdsall).
  • 1964 Signal Detection and Recognition by Human Observers. Wiley.
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  • 1973 The relative operating characteristic in psychology. Science, 182, 990-1000.
  • 1974 Psychology and the Handicapped Child. Government Printing Office (with L. L. Elliott).
  • 1979 On the prediction of confusion matrices from similarity judgments. Perception and Psychophysics, 26, 1-19 (with D. J. Getty, J. B. Swets and D. M. Green).
  • 1979 Assessment of diagnostic technologies. Science, 205, 753-9 (with R. M. Pickett, S. F. Whitehead, D. J. Getty, J. A. Schnur, J. B. Swets and B. A. Freeman).
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