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Harry Stack Sullivan (1218)

Clinical, personality and social, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
1892, Norwich, New York, USA
1949, Paris, France
Short Biography
Harry Stack Sullivan (February 21, 1892, Norwich, New York – January 14, 1949, Paris, France) was an American Neo-Freudian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who held that the personality lives in, and has his or her being in, a complex of interpersonal ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • MD Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery, 1917
Appointments & Honors
  • Professor in the Washington School of Psychiatry, 1939-47
  • William Allanson White Memorial Award for distinguished contribution to psychiatry, 1948
  • Consultant to UNESCO
  • Member, US Preparatory Commission leading to the foundation of the World Federation for Mental Health
  • President, William Alanson White Psychiatric Foundation
  • Co-Editor, Psychiatry, 1938-46
Principal Publications
  • 1924 Schizophrenia; its conservative and malignant features: a preliminary communication. In H. S. Sullivan (ed.), Schizophrenia as a Human Process. N01ton.
  • 1924 Socio-psychiatric research: Its implications for the schizophrenia problem and for mental hygiene. In H. S. Sullivan (ed.), Schizophrenia as a Human Process. Norton.
  • 1924 The modified psychoanalytic treatment of schizophrenia. In H. S. Sullivan (ed.), Schizophrenia as a Human Process. Norton.
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  • 1936 A note on the implications of psychiatry and the study of interpersonal relations, for investigation in the social sciences. American Journal of Sociology, 42, 848-61.
  • 1940 Conceptions of Modern Psychiatry. Norton (republished 1953).
  • 1948 The meaning of anxiety in psychiatry and in life. Psychiatry, 11, 1-13.
  • 1949 Psychiatry: Introduction to the study of interpersonal relations. In B. Mullahy (ed.), A Study of Interpersonal Relations. Hermitage.
  • 1950 The illusion of personal individuality. Psychiatry, 13, 317-32.
  • 1950 Tensions interpersonal and international: A psychiatrist's view. In UNESCO Publication, Tensions that Cause Wars: Common Statement and Individual Papers. Cantril University of Illinois Press.
  • 1956 Clinical Studies in Psychiatry. Norton.
  • 1953 The Interpersonal Theory of Psychiatry. Norton.
  • 1954 The Psychiatric Interview. Norton.