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Nathan Shock (1109)

Adult development and ageing, physiological and comparative psychology
1906, Lafayette, Indiana, USA
1989, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Short Biography
Nathan W. Shock (1906-1989) was known as the "father of gerontology" and head of the Gerontology Research Center of the National Institutes of Health for nearly 35 years - until 1976. He then became scientist emeritus at the center. He was one of the ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BS Purdue University, 1926
  • MS Purdue University, 1927
  • PhD University of Chicago, 1930
Appointments & Honors
  • Scientist Emeritus, Retired Scientific Director, National Institute on Aging, Francis Scott Key Medical Center
  • Gerontology Society of America, Secretary, 1951-8, President, 1960
  • Fellow, APA
  • President, APA Division 20, 1952-3
  • Hon. DSc, Purdue University, 1954
  • Chairman, Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine, Maryland Section, 1956
  • Chairman, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Medical Sciences Section, 1959
  • Modem Medicine Achievement Award, 1960
  • Willard 0. Thompson Award, American Geriatrics Society, 1965
  • First Annual Research Award, Gerontology Society of America, 1965
  • Distinguished Service Award, American Heart Association, 1965
  • President, International Association of Gerontology, 1969-71
  • O.A. Randall Award, National Council on Aging, 1977
  • Kesten Memorial Award, University of Southern California, 1978
  • First Brookdale Award for Research in Gerontology, 1979
  • Hon. D. Hum. Lett., Johns Hopkins University, 1981
  • Distinguished Achievement Award, American College of Nutrition, 1981
  • First Award of Distinction, American Federation for Aging Research, 1982
  • Hon. Member, Sociedad Argentina de Gerontologia y Geriatrie, British Society for Research on Ageing, Gerontologie de Chile
  • Editor, Macy Conference on Problems of Aging (Josiah Macy Foundation), 1949-53
  • Gerontology Section, Biological Abstracts, 1953-82
  • Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Gerontology, 1963-8
Principal Publications
  • 1930 Mental performance and the acid base balance of the blood in normal individuals. Proceedinp,s of the Indiana Academy of Science. 40, 193-202.
  • 1935 Studies of the acid base balance of the blood. IV. Characterization and interpretation of displacements of the acid base balance. Journal of Biological Chemist!}', 112, 239-62 (with A. B. Hastings).
  • 1951 Gerontology (later maturity). Annual Review ofPsychology. Annual Reviews.
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  • 1961 Physiological aspects of aging in man. Amiual Review of Physiology. Annual Reviews.
  • 1966 Perspectives in Experimental Gerontology. Thomas.
  • 1977 Biological theories of aging. In J. E. Birren and K. W. Schaie (eds), Handbook of the Psychology of Aging. Van Nostrand.
  • 1977 Systems of integration. In C. E. Finch and L. Hayflick (eds), Handbook of the Biology of Aging. Van Nostrand Reinhold.