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Charles Scott Sherrington (1247)

Experimental psychology, general psychology, physiological and comparative psychology
1857, London, England
1952, Eastbourne, England
Short Biography
Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, OM, GBE, PRS (27 November 1857 – 4 March 1952) was an English neurophysiologist, histologist, bacteriologist, and a pathologist, Nobel laureate and president of the Royal Society in the early 1920s. He received the Nobel ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • MB University of Cambridge, 1885
Appointments & Honors
  • Fellow, St Thomas Hospital London, 1887-93
  • Professor of Pathology, University of London, 1891-5
  • Professor of Physiology, University of Liverpool, 1895-1913
  • Wayneflete Professor of Physiology, University of Oxford, 1913-35
  • President, Royal Society, 1920-5
  • Knighted, 1922
  • Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1932
  • twenty-two Honorary Degrees and numerous other honours including Order of Merit (highest British civilian distinction)
  • Editorial Board, British Journal of Psychology, 1904-35
Principal Publications
  • 1901 Text-Book of Physiology.
  • 1906 Integrative Action of the Nervous System (reprinted five times).
  • 1942 Goethe on Nature and on Science.
  • 1947 Preface to The Integrative Action of the Nervous System. Numerous publications in learned journals.