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Martin Seligman (1374)

Adult development and ageing, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, experimental psychology, personality and social psychology
1942, Albany, New York, USA
Short Biography
Martin E. P. "Marty" Seligman (born August 12, 1942) is an American psychologist, educator, and author of self-help books. Since the late 90's, Seligman has been an avid promoter within the scientific community for the field of positive psychology. His ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • AB Princeton University, 1964
  • PhD University of Pennsylvania, 1967
Appointments & Honors
  • Fellow, AAAS
  • Guggenheim Fellow, 1974-5
  • Fellow, APA
  • APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1976
  • 1976- , Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training, University of Pennsylvania
  • NIMH Subcommittee on Child Development
  • Co-Chairman, Senior Advisory Board on Longitudinal Studies of Puberty, SSRC Committee on Lifespan Development, 1979-
  • Editorial Boards: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, Behavior Modification, Cognition and Clinical Science
  • Advisory Board, Clinical Behavior Therapy Review
Principal Publications
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  • 1970 Consequences of unpredictable and uncontrollable trauma. In F. R. Brush (ed.), Aversive Conditioning and Learning. Academic Press (with S. F. Maier and R. L. Solomon).
  • 1970 On the generality of the laws of learning. Psychological Review, 77, 406-18.
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