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Donald R. Peterson (1141)

Clinical psychology
1923, Pillager, Minnesota, USA
Short Biography
Donald R. Peterson (September 10, 1923 – November 2, 2007) was professor emeritus of psychology at Rutgers University. Dr. Peterson was notable for advocating for a professional doctorate exclusive to professional psychologists, eventually leading to ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BA University of Minnesota, 1948
  • MA University of Minnesota, 1950
  • PhD University of Minnesota, 1952
Appointments & Honors
  • Dean, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University
  • Member, APA Publication Board, 1975
  • Chairman, APA Committee on Accreditation
  • President, National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology
  • APA Fellow, Division 12
  • APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology, 1983
  • Editor: Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Rutgers Professional Psychology Review
Principal Publications
  • 1959 Personality structure in 4-5 year olds in terms of objective tests. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 4, 355-69 (with R. B. Cattell).
  • 1961 Behavior problems of middle children. Journal of Consulting Psychology, 25, 205-9.
  • 1965 Scope and generality of verbally defined personality factors. Psychological Review, 72, 48-58.
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  • 1967 Pancultural factors of parental behavior in Sicily and the United states. Child Development, 38, 967-91 (with G. Migliorino).
  • 1968 The Clinical Study of Social Behavior. Appleton-Century Crofts.
  • 1976 Is psychology a profession? American Psychologist, 31, 572-81.
  • 1979 The Behavior Problem Checklist. Authors (with H. C. Quay).
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