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Karl Pearson (1393)

Evaluation and measurement Educ BA 1879, LLB 1881, MA 1882, University of Cambridge
1857, London, England
1936, Coldharbour, Surrey, England
Short Biography
Karl Pearson FRS (/ˈpɪərsən/; originally named Carl; 27 March 1857 – 27 April 1936) was an influential English mathematician and biometrician. He has been credited with establishing the discipline of mathematical statistics, and contributed significantly ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • Studied mathematics, engineering, and law, among other subjects, at King's College, Cambridge
  • graduated in 1879
Appointments & Honors
  • University College London, Goldsmid Professor of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 1884-1911, Emeritus Professor, Professor of Geometry, Gresham College, 1891-4
  • Director, Biometric Laboratory, 1903-33, The Francis Galton Laboratory for National Eugenics, 1907-33
  • Galton Professor of Eugenics, 1911-33
  • Fellow, Royal Society, 1896
  • Royal Society Darwin Medal, 1898
  • Royal Anthropological Institute Huxley Medal, 1903
  • Hon. LLD, University of St Andrews
  • Hon. DSc, University of London
  • Hon. Fellow, King's College Cambridge, 1903, Royal Society of Edinburgh, University College, London
Principal Publications
  • 1892 The Grammar of Science. Walter Scott.
  • 1894-1916 Nineteen papers in the series 'Mathematical Contributions to the Theory of Evolution' (mainly in Philosophical Transactions ofthe Royal Society of London and Drapers' Company Research Memoirs).
  • 1901 On lines and planes of closest fit to systems of points in space. Philosophical Maga::.ine, 2 (6th series), 559-72.
  • 1914-30 The Life, Letters and Labours of Francis Gaitan (3 vols). Cambridge University Press.