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Ulric Neisser (1329)

Experimental, social issues, theoretical
1928, Kiel, Germany
Short Biography
Ulric Gustav Neisser (December 8, 1928 – February 17, 2012) the “father of cognitive psychology”, was born in Kiel, Germany, December 8, 1928. He was an American psychologist and member of the US National Academy of Sciences. In 1967, Neisser published ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BA Harvard University, 1950
  • MA Swarthmore College, 1952
  • PhD Harvard University, 1956
Appointments & Honors
  • Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Psychology, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Fellow, APA Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 1973-4
  • Society of Experimental Psychologists
  • Editorial Board, American Journal of Psychology, Applied Cognitive Psychology, Philosophical Psychology
Principal Publications
  • 1960 Pattern recognition by machine. Scientific American, 203, 60-8 (with O. G. Selfridge).
  • 1963 Searching for ten targets simultaneously. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 17, 955-61 (with R. Novick and R. Lazar).
  • 1967 Cognitive Psychology. Appleton-Century- Crofts.
  • 1975 Selective looking: Attending to visually specified events. Cognitive Psychology, 7, 480-94.
  • 1976 Cognition and Reality. Freeman.
  • 1976 General, academic and artificial intelligence. In L. Resnick (ed.), The Nature of Intelligence. Erlbaum.
  • 1976 Skills of divided attention. Cognition, 4, 215-30 (with E. Spelke and W. Hirst).
  • 1978 Memory: What are the important questions? In M. M. Gruneberg, P. E. Morris and R. N. Sykes (eds), Practical Aspects of Memory, Academic Press.
  • 1981 John Dean's memory. Cognition, 9, 1-22.
  • 1982 Memory Observed: Remembering in Natural Contexts. Freeman.
  • 1983 Point of view in personal memories. Cognitive Psychology, 15, 467-82 (with G. Nigro).
  • 1986 The School Achievement of Minority Children: New Perspectives. Erlbaum.
  • 1988 Remembering Reconsidered: Ecological and Intellectual Factors in Categori~ation. Cambridge University Press (with E. Winograd).
  • 1993 The Perceived Self: Ecological and /nte1personal Sources of Self-Knowledge. Cambridge University Press.
  • 1994 The Remembering Self: Construction and Accuracy in the Self-Narrative. Cambridge University Press (with R. Fivush).