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James McCosh (953)

History of psychology, philosophical psychology
1811, Ayrshire, Scotland
1895, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Short Biography
James McCosh (April 1, 1811 – November 16, 1894) was a prominent philosopher of the Scottish School of Common Sense. He was president of Princeton University 1868-1888. | More at Wikipedia
  • Studied theology at the University of Edinburgh
  • licensed for ministry in 1834
Appointments & Honors
  • Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, Queen's College, Belfast, 1852-68
  • President, College of New Jersey (later Princeton University), 1868-88
  • Emeritus Professor, 1889-95
Principal Publications
  • 1856 Typical Forms and Special Ends in Creation. Thomas Constable (with George Dickie).
  • 1860 The Intuitions of the Mind Inductively Investigated. John Murray.
  • 1862 The Supernatural in Relation to the Supernatural. Macmillan.
  • 1866 An Examination of Mr J. S. Mill's Philosophy. Macmillan.
  • 1870 The Laws of Discursive Thought: Being a Text-book of Formal Logic. Macmillan Carter.
  • 1874 The Scottish Philosophy. Carter.
  • 1880 The Emotions. Macmillan (reissued 1887 with an additional chapter as Psychology: The Motive Powers, Scribner's).
  • 1883 Development: What It Can and Cannot Do. Scribner's.
  • 1883 Energy: Efficient and Final Cause. Clark, Scribner's.
  • 1886 Psychology: The Cognitive Powers. Macmillan. (Revised edn, 1894.)
  • 1890 The Religious Aspect of Evolution. Nisbet. Putnam's. * Many of these were republished both in the US and Britain with various publishers.