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Robert F. Bales (1101)

Evaluation and measurement, family psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, personality and social psychology, psychotherapy
1916, Ellington, Missouri, USA
Short Biography
Robert Freed Bales (March 9, 1916 – June 16, 2004) was an American social psychologist. He specialized in small group interpersonal interaction. He developed the SYMLOG (SYstematic MultiLevel Observation of Groups) method of group observation. | More at Wikipedia
  • BA University of Oregon, 1938
  • MS 1941
  • MA Harvard University, 1943
  • PhD, 1945
Appointments & Honors
  • Research Associate, Yale University, 1944-5
  • Harvard University, Department of Sociology, 1945-7, Department of Psychology and Social Relations, 1947-57, Professor of Social Relations, 1957-86, Emeritus Professor, 1986-
  • Affiliate, Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, 1956
  • President, Eastern Sociological Society, 1962-3
  • Distinguished Career Award, American Association of Specialists in Group Work, 1982
  • Cooley-Mead Award, American Sociological Association, Social Psychology Section, 1983
  • APF Award for Distinguished Teaching of Group Processes, 1984
  • Member AAAS
  • Fellow, APA
  • ASA
Principal Publications
  • 1950 Interaction Process Analysis: A Methodfor the Study of Small Groups. Addison-Wesley (University of Chicago Press, 1976).
  • 1951 Phases in group problem solving. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 46, 485-95 (with F. L. Strodtbeck).
  • 1953 Working Papers in the Theory of Action. Free Press (ed. with T. Parsons and E. A. Shils).
  • 1955 Role differentiation in small decision-making groups. In R. F. Bales, S. P. and S. A. Williamson (eds), The Family, Socialization and Interaction Process. Free Press (with P. E. Slater).
  • 1965 The equilibrium problem in small groups. In A. P. Hare, E. F. Borgetta and R. F. Bales (eds), Small Groups: Studies in Social Interaction. Knopf.
  • 1970 Personality and Interpersonal Behavior. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
  • 1979 SYMLOG: A System for the Multiple Level Observation of Groups. Free Press (with S. P. Cohen).
  • 1980 SYMLOG. Case Study Kit: With Instructions for a Group SelfStudy. Free Press.
  • 1984 The integration of social psychology. Social Psychology Quarterly, 47, 98-101.
  • 1985 The new field theory in social psychology. International Journal of Small Group Research, 1, 1-18.