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Jane Loevinger (1088)

Developmental, evaluation and measurement, personality and social, philosophical and theoretical, psychoanalysis
1918, St Paul, MN, USA
Short Biography
Jane Loevinger Weissman (February 6, 1918 – January 4, 2008) was a developmental psychologist who developed a theory of personality which emphasized the gradual internalization of social rules and the maturing conscience for the origin of personal ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BA University of Minnesota, 1937
  • MS University of Minnesota 1938
  • PhD University of California at Berkeley, 1944
Appointments & Honors
  • Professor of Psychology and Stuckenberg Professor of Human Values and Moral Development, Washington University, 1955-6
  • MM Justin Fellow, AAUW, 1962-3
  • President, Division of Philosophical and Theoretical Psychology, APA, 1970-4, Division of Evaluation and Measurement, APA, 1982-3
  • Personality and Cognition Research Review Committee, Member NIMH, UPSPHS
  • Consulting Editor, Psychological Review, 1983, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1984-
Principal Publications
  • 1943 On the proportional contributions of differences in nature and in nurture to differences in intelligence. Psychological Bulletin, 40, 725-56.
  • 1947 A systematic approach to the construction and evaluation of tests of ability. Psychological Monographs, 61 (no. 285).
  • 1953 Maximizing the discriminating power of a multiple-score test. Psychometrika, 18, 309-17 (with G. C. Gieser and P. H. DuBois).
  • 1954 The attenuation paradox in test theory. Psychological Bulletin, 51, 493-504.
  • 1957 Objective tests as instruments of psychological theory. Psychological Reports, 3, 635-94.
  • 1962 Measuring personality patterns of women. Genetic Psychology Monographs, 65, 53-136 (with B. Sweet, A. G. Ossorio and K. LaPerriere).
  • 1965 Person and population as psychometric concepts. Psychological Review, 72, 143-55.
  • 1966 Three principles for a psychoanalytic psychology. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 71, 432-43.
  • 1970 Measuring Ego Development 1. Construction and Use ofa Sentence Completion Test. Jossey- Bass (with R. Wessler).
  • 1970 Measuring Ego Development 2. Scoring Manual for Women and Girls. Jossey-Bass (with R. Wessler and C. Redmore).
  • 1976 Ego Development: Conceptions and Theories. Jossey-Bass.
  • 1978 Scientific Ways in the Study of Ego Development. Clark University Press.
  • 1979 Construct validity of the sentence completion test of ego development. Applied Psychological Measurement, 3, 281-311.