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Bibb Latané (1205)

Experimental, personality and social, physiological and comparative, psychological study of social issues
1937, New York, USA
Short Biography
Bibb Latané (born July 19, 1937) is a United States social psychologist. He is probably most famous for his work with John Darley on bystander intervention in emergencies, but he has also published many articles on social attraction in animals, social ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BA Yale University, 1958
  • PhD University of Minnesota, 1963
Appointments & Honors
  • Professor of Psychology and Director, Institute for Research in Social Science, University of North Carolina
  • AAAS Socio-Psychological Prize, 1968, 1980
  • Richard M. Elliott Award, 1970
  • President, APA Executive Committee, 1970-80, Division 8, 1978
  • APA Council, 1971-5
  • Guggenheim Fellowship, 1974
  • Midwestern Psychological Association, Council, 1976-9, President, 1983
  • Cattell Fellowship, 1981
  • Editor, Social Science Newsletter, 1983-
  • Associate Editor, Sociometi<y, 1972-5
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 1970-
  • Overseas Editorial Board, British Journal of Social Psychology, 1979-
Principal Publications
  • 1964 Crime, cognition and the autonomic nervous system. In M. R. Jones (ed.), Nebraska Symposium on Motivation 1964. University of Nebraska Press (with S. Schachter).
  • 1966 Emotionality and reactions to disaster. Journal ofExperimental Social Psychology, 2, Supplement 1, 95-102 (with L. Wheeler).
  • 1970 The Unresponsive Bystander: Why Doesn't He Help? Appleton-Century-Crofts (with J. M. Darley).
  • 1972 Social attraction in animals. In P. C. Dochwell (ed.), New Horizons in Psychology II. Penguin (with D. Hotersall).
  • 1976 Politicians on TV: The image is the message. Journal of Social Issues, 32, 116-32 (with J. Keating).
  • 1978 The regulation of social contact in rats: Time, not distance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 36, 1128-37 (with C. Werner).
  • 1979 Many hands make light the work: Cases and consequences of social loafing. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 37, 822-32 (with K. Williams and S. Harkins).
  • 1981 All alone in front of all those people: Stage fright as a function of number and type of co- performers and audience. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 70, 73-85 (with J. Jackson).
  • 1981 Ten years of research on group size and helping. Psychological Bulletin, 89, 308-24 (with S. Nida).
  • 1981 The social impact of majorities and minorities. Psychological Review, 88, 738-53 (with S. Wolf).
  • 1981 The psychology of social impact. American Psychologist, 36, 373.