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Oswald Külpe (1229)

Experimental psychology, psychology and the arts, philosophical and theoretical psychology
1862, Candau, Latvia
1915, Munich, Germany
Short Biography
Oswald Külpe (German: [ˈkylpə]; August 3, 1862 – December 30, 1915) was one of the structural psychologists of the late 19th and early 20th century. Külpe, who is lesser known than his German mentor, Wilhelm Wundt, revolutionized experimental psychology ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • Dr Medicine, University of Giessen, 1907
  • PhD University of Leipzig, 1887
Appointments & Honors
  • Head, Department of Psychology, University of Wiirzburg, 1894-1909
  • Director, Psychological laboratory, University of Bonn, 1909-13
Principal Publications
  • 1887 Zur Theorie der sinnlichen Gefi.ihle (Theory of Sensory Feelings), Vierteljahresschrift der wissenschaftlichen Philosophie, 11, 424-82.
  • 1893 Grundriss der Psychologie (Foundations of Psychology). Englemann.
  • 1895 Einleitung in die Philosophie (Introduction to Philosophy). Englemann.
  • 1902 Uber die Objektivierung and Subjektivierung von Sinneseindrucken (The objectification and subjectification of sensory impressions). Philosophische Studien, 19, 508-56.
  • 1903 Ein Beitrag zur experimentellen Aesthetik (A contribution to experimental Aesthetic). American Journal of Psychology, 14, 479-95.