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David Krech (1182)

Physiological and comparative, personality and social, general psychology, teaching
1909, Svenchanka, Belorussia Died: 1977 Berkeley, CA, USA
1977, Berkeley, California
Short Biography
Dr. David Krech (1909- July 14, 1977) was a Russian-born American experimental psychologist who proved that animals brought up an enriched environments are smarter, and was noted for his seminal research of chemistry of learning and memory. Krech ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BS New York University, 1930
  • MA New York University, 1931
  • PhD University of California, 1933
Appointments & Honors
  • APA, Distinguished Scientific Contribution award, 1970
  • Hon. Dr, University of Oslo, 1976
Principal Publications
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