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Otto Klineberg (1232)

Personality and social psychology, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
1899, Quebec City, Canada
1992, Columbia, USA
Short Biography
Otto Klineberg (November 1899, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada - 6 March 1992, Bethesda, Maryland) was a Canadian psychologist. He held professorships in social psychology at Columbia University and the University of Paris. His pioneering work in the 1930s ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BA McGill University, 1919
  • MA Harvard University, 1920
  • MD McGill University, 1925
  • PhD Columbia University, 1927
Appointments & Honors
  • National Research Council Fellowship, 1928
  • Research, Associate, Anthropology Department, Columbia State University, 1929
  • Department of Psychology, Columbia University, 1931-
  • Vice- President, American Orthopsychiatry Association Guggenheim Fellowship (to China), 1935-6
  • Butler Medal, Columbia University, 1950
  • Kurt Lewin Memorial Award, 1956
  • Hon. PhD University of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 1958
  • Hon. PhD Howard University, Washington, DC, 1961
  • Annual Award, New York Society of Clinical Psychologists, 1961
  • Professor Emeritus of Social Psychology, Columbia University, 1962
  • Vice-President, Federation Internationale des Ecoles des Parents, 1964
  • President, World Federation for Mental Health, 1966-7, Hon. President, 1970-
  • Hon. President, European League for Mental Health, 1971-4
  • Hon. PhD Drew University, Madison, 1972
  • Medal, University of Liege, Belgium, 1974
  • Annual Award, International Society for Educational, Cultural and Scientific Interchanges, 1978
  • APA Distinguished Award for Contributions of Psychology in the Public Interest, 1979
  • Award from Brazil, Contribution to Development of Psychology in Brazil, 1979
  • Columbia University Graduate School (part-time member), CUNY, 1982
  • Hon. Life Member, New York Academy of Science, 1983
  • Social Psychology Award, New York State Psychological Association, 1984
  • APF Gold Medal Award, Lifetime Contribution by a Psychologist in the Public Interest, 1985
  • APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology, 1991
  • President, IUPsS, Eastern Psychological Association, APA
  • President, Division 9, Inter-America Society of Psychology
  • President, Psychological Society of Sao Paulo
Principal Publications
  • 1935 Negro Intelligence and Selective Migration. Columbia University Press.
  • 1940 Social Psychology, 2nd edn 1954. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
  • 1950 Race differences: The present position on the problem. International Social Science Bulletin, 2, 460-7.
  • 1958 Culture and personality. In G. S. Seward and J. P. Seward (eds), Current Psychological Issues. Holt.
  • 1964 The Human Dimension in International Relations. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
  • 1971 Back and White in international perspective. American Psychologist, 26, 119-28.
  • 1979 Cross-cultural psychology in historical perspective. In H. Triandis (ed.), Handbook of Cross-cultural Psychology, vol. 1. Allyn and Bacon.