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Gustav Jahoda (1042)

Cross-cultural psychology, developmental, experimental arid health psychology, social
1920, Vienna, Austria
Short Biography
Gustav Jahoda (born 11 October 1920) is a psychologist born in Vienna. He was educated in Vienna, then subsequently in Paris and London. He studied sociology and psychology at London University before obtaining a lectureship in social psychology at the ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BSc University of London, 1946
  • MSc University of London, 1948
  • PhD University of London, 1952
Appointments & Honors
  • Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Strathclyde
  • FBPS President and Honorary Fellow, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Member, European Association of Experimental Social Psychology
  • Biesheuvel Medal for contributions towards 'the study of man in Africa'
  • Editor, European Journal of Social Psychology, Editorial Board, British Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Cross- Cultural Psychology, International Journal of Psychology
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue, International Journal of Behavioral Development on 'Cross-cultural studies of child development' (with P.R. Dasen)
Principal Publications
  • 1961 White Man. Oxford University Press. (Reprinted 1983.)
  • 1966 On the scope and methods of cross-cultural research. International Journal of Psychology, 1, 109-27 (with N. Firjda).
  • 1968 Scientific training and the persistence of traditional beliefs among West African university students. Nature, 220, 1356.
  • 1969 The Psychology of Superstition. Allen Lane.
  • 1972 Children and Alcohol. HMSO.
  • 1975 Belfast children: Some effects of a conflict environment. Irish Journal of Psychology, 3, 1-19 (with S. Harrison).
  • 1979 The construction of economic reality by some Glaswegian children. European Journal of Social Psychology, 9, 115-27.
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  • 1982 Psychology and Anthropology. Academic Press.
  • 1983 European 'lag' in the development of an economic concept: A study in Zimbabwe. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 1, 113-20.
  • 1983 The cross-cultural emperor's conceptual clothes: The emic-tic revisited. In J. B. Deregowski, S. Dziurawiec and R. C. Annis (eds), Expiscations in Cross-Cultural Psychology. Zwets and Zeitlinger.
  • 1984 The development of thinking about socio- economic systems. In H. Tajfel (ed.), The Social Dimension. Cambridge University Press.
  • 1992 Crossroads between Culture and Mind: Continuities and Change in Theories of Human Nature. Harvard University Press.