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J. McVicker Hunt (1161)

Developmental, experimental, personality and social, physiological and comparative, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
1906, Scottsbluff, Nebraska, USA
1991, Urbana, Illinois, USA
Short Biography
Joseph McVicker Hunt (March 19, 1906 – January 9, 1991) was a prominent American educational psychologist and author. He promoted and researched concepts related to the malleable nature of child intelligence (also promulgated by Benjamin Bloom). That ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BA University of Nebraska, 1929
  • MA University of Nebraska, 1930
  • PhD Cornell University, 1933
Appointments & Honors
  • Instructor to Associate Professor, Brown University, 1936-46
  • Institute of Welfare Research of the Community Service Society of New York, Research Consultant, 1944-6, Director, 1946-51
  • Member, APA Board of Directors, 1949-54, 1970-3
  • Editor, Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 1949-55
  • President, APA, 1951-2
  • Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois, 1951-74
  • Research Career Award, National Institutes of Mental Health, 1962-74
  • Member, APA Council of Representatives, 1967-70
  • Gold Medal Award, American Psychological Foundation, 1970
  • Distinguished Scholar Award, Hofstra College, 1973
  • Distinguished Contribution Award, Clinical Division, APA, 1973
  • Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, 1974-91
  • G. Stanley Hall Award, Developmental Division, APA, 1976
Principal Publications
  • 1938 An instance of the social origin of conflict resulting in psychosis. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 8, 159-64.
  • 1941 The effects of infant feeding frustration upon adult hoarding in the albino rat. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 36, 338-60.
  • 1944 Personality and the Behavior Disorders. Ronald Press. (Rev. edn, 1984, with N. S. Endler, Wiley.)
  • 1958 Situational cues distinguishing anger, fear and sorrow. American Journal of Psychology, 71, 136-51 (with M. L.W. Cole and E. E.S. Reis).
  • 1961 Intelligence and Experience. Ronald Press.
  • 1963 Motivation inherent in information processing and action. In O. J. Harvey (ed.), Motivation and Social Interaction: The Cognitive Determinants. Ronald Press.
  • 1969 The Challenge of Incompetence and Poverty. University of Illinois Press.
  • 1972 Human Intelligence. Transaction Books.
  • 1975 Assessment in Infancy: Ordinal Scales of Psychological Development. University of Illinois Press (with LC. Uzgiris).
  • 1976 The psychological development of orphanage- reared infants: Interventions with outcomes. Genetic Psychology Monographs, 94, 177-226 (with K. Mohandessi, M. Ghodssi and M. Akiyama).
  • 1979 Developmental psychology: Early experience. Annual Review of Psychology, 30, 103-43.
  • 1987 Infant Performance and Experience: New Findings with the Ordinal Scales. University of Illinois Press.