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Horace Romano Harré (991)

Adult development and ageing, developmental psychology, personality and social, philosophical and theoretical, school psychology
New Zealander
1927, Apiti, New Zealand
Short Biography
Horace Romano Harré (/ˈhæreɪ/; born 1927), known widely as Rom Harré, is a distinguished British philosopher and psychologist. | More at Wikipedia
  • BSc Auckland, 1948
  • MA Auckland, 1952
  • BPhil Oxford, 1956
  • MA Oxford, 1960
Appointments & Honors
  • Fellow of Linacre College, Oxford
  • University Lecturer in Philosophy of Science, Professor, Philosophy of Science, Oxford University, Adjunct Professor of the Philosophy of Social and Behavioural Sciences, SUNY Binghampton
Principal Publications
  • 1972 The Explanation of Social Behaviour. Blackwell (with P. F. Secord).
  • 1979 Social Being: A Theory for Social Psychology. Blackwell.
  • 1983 Personal Being: A Theory for Individual Psychology. Blackwell.
  • 1991 Physical Being: A Theory for a Corporeal Psychology. Blackwell.
  • 1994 The Discursive Mind. Sage (with G. Gillett).