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George Gerbner (1038)

Research in mass communications, research on television
Short Biography
George Gerbner (August 8, 1919 – December 24, 2005) was a professor of communication and the founder of cultivation theory. Born in Budapest, Hungary, he emigrated to the United States in late 1939. Gerbner earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from ... Show more | More at Wikipedia
  • BA University of California at Berkeley, 1942
  • MS University of Southern California, 1951
  • PhD University of Southern California, 1955
Appointments & Honors
  • Professor of Communications, Annenberg School of Communications, University of Pennsylvania
  • Fellow, International Communication Association, 1979
  • Hon. Dr Humane Letters, LaSalle College, Philadelphia, 1980
  • Media Achievement Award of Excellence, Philadelphia Bar Association, 1981
  • Communicator of the Year Award, B'nai B'rith Communications Lodge, 1981
  • Broadcast Preceptor Award, Broadcast Communications Arts Department, San Francisco State University, 1982. Editor, Journal of Communication
  • Editorial Board, Communication Quarterly, Critical Studies in Mass Communications, Communication Abstracts, International Journal of Intercultural Relations
  • Series Coeditor, Oxford Communication Books, Longman Communication Books
Principal Publications
  • 1956 Toward a general model of communication. Audio-Visual Communication Review, 4, 171-99.
  • 1969 The Analysis of Communications Content: Developments in Scientific Theories and Computer Techniques. Wiley (with O. R. Holsti, K. Krippendorff, W. J. Paisley and P. Stone).
  • 1973 Communications Technology and Social Policy. Wiley (with L. P. Gross and W. H. Melody).
  • 1973 Cultural indicators: The third voice. In G. Gerbner, L. Gross and W. H. Melody (eds), Communications Technology and Social Policy. Wiley 1977 Mass Media Policies in Changing Cultures. Wiley Interscience.
  • 1977 The many worlds of the world's press. Journal ofCommunication, 27, 52-65 (with G. Marvanyi).
  • 1981 Communications in the Twenty First Century. Wiley (with R. W. Haigh and R. B. Byrne).
  • 1982 Charting the mainstream: Television's contributions to political orientations. Journal of Communication, 100-27 (with L. Gross, M. Morgan and N. Signorielli).
  • 1984 World Communications: A Handbook. Annenberg/Longman Communication Books (with M. Siefert).
  • 1985 Mass media discourse: Message system analysis as a component of cultural indicators. In T. A. van Dijk (ed.), Discourse an Communication. De Gruyter.
  • 1986 Living with television: The dynamics of the cultivation process. In J. Bryant and D. Zillman (eds), Perspectives and Behavior. Erlbaum (with L. Gross, M. Morgan and N. Signorielli).