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John Dollard (1266)

Experimental analysis of behaviour, military psychology, personality and social psychology, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy
1900, Menasha, Wisconsin, USA
1980, Yale, Connecticut, USA
Short Biography
John Dollard (29 August 1900 – 8 October 1980) was an American psychologist and social scientist best known for his studies on race relations in America and the frustration-aggression hypothesis he proposed with Neal E. Miller and others. | More at Wikipedia
  • AB University of Wisconsin, 1922
  • PhD University of Chicago, 1931
  • training in psychoanalysis, Berlin, 1931-2
Appointments & Honors
  • Researcher, Institute of Human Relations, Yale University, 1932
  • Professor of Psychology, Yale University, 1952.
Principal Publications
  • 1935 Criteria for the Life History. Yale University Press.
  • 1938 Hostility and fear in social life. Social Forces, 17, 15-29.
  • 1939 Frustration and Aggression. Yale University Press (with J. W. Doob, N. E. Miller, O. H. Mowrer and R. R. Sears).
  • 1939 Culture, society, impulse and socialization. American Journal of Sociology, 45, 50-63.
  • 1941 Social Learning and Imitation. Yale University Press (with N. E. Miller).
  • 1943 Fear in Battle. Yale University Press.
  • 1949 'Do we have a science of child rearing?. In Anniversary Papers of the Community Service Society: The Family in a Democratic Society. Columbia University Press.
  • 1949 Exploration on morale factors among combat air crew men - memorandum to research branch, information and education division. Psychological Service Center Journal, 1, 79-89.
  • 1950 Personality and Psychotherapy: An Analysis in Terms of Learning, Thinking and Culture. McGraw-Hill (with N. E. Miller).
  • 1953 Steps in Psychotherapy. Macmillan (with F. Auld and A. White).